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SDFA Statement on COVID-19 Restrictions

Up to Sunday 1 November 2020

SDFA have been observing the situation in the past few weeks.  We express our disappointment, that Scottish players have been ignoring the rules.  Players have blatantly ignored the rules, hence our concerns.

The last three weeks until Sunday 1 November, the restrictions (rules) are clear.  There are different rules starting on Monday 2 November.  We would like to explain the restrictions (rules) until Sunday 1 November as thus: –

Organised group matches/trainings and travelling to England to play football are not allowed.  The Scottish Government’s guidance is clear on that.

Please visit this link from BBC website where you can input your home address post code, to show what restrictions (rules) are in place for your area.  On the same webpage, there are clear guidance until Sunday 1 November.  There are three tiers in England and Scotland.  (The 5-tier in Scotland will start on Monday 2 November).

The three tiers are: for Scotland) Level 1, 2 and 3; for England, it is Medium, High and Very High.  (To compare – Level 1 is Medium, Level 2 – High and Level 3 – Very High).

Three weeks ago, the Scottish Government announced that Central Belt (for English based players, it is an area covering Glasgow and Edinburgh.) are on Level 3 (Very High).  Restrictions (rules) are clear – reduce travel, no car sharing and reduce using public transports.  On the same webpage on BBC website you can see the coloured of 3-tiers to compare.

Until Sunday 1 November, at midnight, please living in Level 3 areas (especially in Central Belt areas), should not travel and only could do outdoor exercise LOCALLY.  Not travelling far away including playing football or so.  The restrictions (rules) are already there for the past 3 weeks.

The SDFA would ask you all to respect those restrictions (rules).

We are aware of some players may attend to football matches tomorrow (Sunday 1 November), we have asked the public to update us who attend to football, ignoring the rules.  With SFA, we will have plan for those players.

We would like to reinforce that players living in Level 3 should not go anywhere.


From Monday 2 November 2020 and onwards, the Restrictions (Rules) are as follows: –

Futsal & Indoor 5-a-side

  • No indoor contact (physical) sports for over 18s allowed. It means no official or friendly matches and trainings in groups.  There is NO fixed date when indoor sports are allowed.


Football & Outdoor 5-a-side

  • All Levels 3 and 4 Local Authority (Council) areas do not allow outdoor contact (physical) sports for over 18s allowed. It means no official or friendly matches and trainings in groups.



  • People living under Level 3 rules should not travel outside their own Local Authority (Council) area. They should only travel for essential  What is “essential?”  It means – work, education, outdoor exercise (can share with people from the same household), healthcare, caring responsibilities, and essential shopping.
    • People from Level 3 rules should not travel to other Council areas with Level 1 or 2
  • People should not travel between Scotland to other parts of the UK with high levels of the virus. This means that people from Scotland with Levels 1, 2 or 3 rules should not travel to England, Wales or Northern Ireland with HIGH Levels.


The SFA confirmed they will be updating their website after the announcement from the First Minister today.

The First Minister states that the Scottish Government will do weekly reviews on Thursdays.  Please observe the First Minister Statement, and SDFA will check and update rules if necessary, on weekly basis.

The SDFA would like to stress to all clubs and players from all Level 3 and 4 not to travel outside their Local Authority (Council) areas and to England to play for English clubs.  Players from Levels 1 and 2 should also not travel to England to play for English clubs.  This is a clear guidance from the Scottish Government.  We ask you to respect that guidance.