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Deaf Football

In Scotland

There were several Deaf football clubs across the country for more than 50 years.  This was possible because there were several specialised schools for the deaf as well a thriving Deaf Clubs (a sign language hub), where D/deaf people meet on daily/weekly basis.

Due to closures to specialised schools for the deaf, starting in 1970’s, the integration method were and still is used to educate deaf children.  There is also a decline of Deaf Clubs, thus losing the “headquarters” for football clubs to store their history, kits, equipment and so on.

Currently, there is no Deaf Football Clubs nor competitions, however, with the rise of Futsal internationally, we now have 4 clubs competing against each other as well participate in mainstream leagues on weekly basis (Scottish Futsal Leagues).

Moreover, SDFA is aware that there are countless of D/deaf players who are playing or wishing to play in their local clubs which may be unaware of opportunities within SDFA activities, thus this website will provide resources to support players of all ages and their families to to maximise every D/deaf individuals’ potential.

In England

England Deaf Football, the current body oversees a number of club competitions in England.  There is similarity in terms of decline of specialised schools and Deaf Clubs across the country.

The difference between SDFA and EDF is that we cover both domestic and international activities whilst EDF focus on domestic whilst The FA leading on the international activities for the national team.

UK wide

Great Britain Deaf national team first was set up to compete in Summer Deaflympics in 1924 securing Silver medal.

Since the foundation of Deaflympics, GBR Men football team achieved Gold medal 6 times, Silver medal 3 times and Bronze medal once.

We have a long list of Scottish players who competed in Summer Deaflympics for Great Britain.

Currently, the Great Britain Deaf national team is being led by The FA.


Since Deaf sport evolved on the international level, Great Britain competed in Summer Deaflympics and European Championships.  In late 2000s, the ICSD introduced World Championship event for Football.  A pathway have been devised to ensure that Home Nations are able to attend European and World Championships whilst Great Britain attend Summer Deaflympics.

As for Futsal, EDSO and ICSD introduced European and World Championships for that sport due to the popularity of the sport worldwide.  Moreover, in 2019, the ICSD has passed a motion to have Futsal sport to be included as part of the Winter Deaflympics from 2023 and onwards.

On the club level, EDSO endorsed an organisation – Deaf Champions League to oversee both Football and Futsal competitions which take place annually in Europe where all winners of each country’s national league (including Scotland) competing for the crown of being the best in Europe.