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About Us

Scottish Deaf Football Association was formed before the world first D/deaf International sport gathering in 1891 with Scotland playing football against England in front of 3,000 at Ibrox Park.  The result was 3 all.  That match was an inspiration to the Deaflympics Movement from 1924 and onwards.

Various sources are trying to pinpoint the exact establishment year for the organisation – Glasgow Deaf Athletic Football Club was the world’s first deaf football club established in 1871, with Edinburgh Deaf Football Club established in 1880s.

Currently we have documented records that SDFA was set up in 1889.  We continue to unearth more information and a lot of things still amaze the Board!

SDFA originally focussed on club levels competitions with Edward Cup established in 1889, and arranged annual international match against England.  As time evolved, SDFA are widening the remit to provide resources and support to D/deaf players across the country who are trying to fit in with their local teams.  With more D/deaf players becoming known to SDFA, they can be able to learn the history of SDFA and opportunities for them to flourish with their football & futsal skills locally, nationally and internationally.

We hope to expand this website over time with historical information so that readers like yourselves can learn more about Deaf Football in Scotland.




Organisational Structure


Board members


  • Lead on the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Oversee SDFA governance
  • Chair all Board meetings
  • Liaise with all Board of Directors on pressing matters



  • Main contact person for the SDFA
  • Liaise with Fundraising Officer to develop ideas and apply for funding
  • Arrange Board of Directors meetings
  • Liaise with the Archivist re. history of SDFA & D/deaf football



  • Prepare and present accounts
  • Make financial transactions
  • Oversee Risk Register & compliance checks
  • Oversee Membership


Member (Game Leader)

  • Contact person for Para Football & SFA
  • Attend Para Football & SFA meetings
  • Participate in Para Football & SFA activities


Member (Participation)

  • Oversee Domestic and International preparations
  • Oversee Officials developments
  • Develop and provide advices to young players playing in mainstream clubs




Team members


  • Explore funding for new ideas provided
  • Fundraising for International activities


Communication Officer

  • Oversee external communication on social media and mailouts



  • Oversee the historical element of SDFA & D/deaf football


Technical Director

  • Oversee Domestic preparations
  • Liaise with D/deaf football/futsal clubs
  • Oversee Walking Football


TD Assistant

  • Oversee International preparations
  • Support Technical Director with Domestic preparations
  • Oversee Ladies Football


Officials Officer

  • Collate data on D/deaf coaches and referees
  • Identify gaps and provide support to D/deaf coaches and referees


National Managers

  • Lead Scotland’s national teams
  • Liaise with Assistant TD re. logistics
  • Select and work with coaching volunteers during trainings & matches