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The Team members contains a mixture of experience on deafness, involvement in sport at different levels.  The current Team members are: –

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George was originally involved in the word of hearing football as a player, so has first-hand experience of the challenges and barriers facing young deaf footballers in the mainstream game.

Following this, he became involved with deaf football, both as a player and a coach. He has played for both Glasgow Deaf & St Vincent deaf football clubs in Glasgow, winning tournaments during this time.

However, one of George’s most treasured experiences was coaching the women’s deaf football team representing GB at the Summer Deaflympics in Taiwan in 2009, where the GB came fourth overall.  In addition to football coaching, George has also previously worked as a gym instructor, so has a very good understanding of sport physiology and fitness.

In his current role as a football manager for the Scotland he greatly enjoys seeing confidence build in his young players as they develop, often helping them to go on to achieve more outside the world of football as well.  He enjoys networking with other football clubs and the valuable exchange of ideas about training and coaching that comes from this.  George hopes that he can go on to reach similar heights of success with the Scotland deaf team that he achieved coaching the GB team in 2009.

His main hope is to provide today’s young deaf footballers with the opportunities that he never had when he was coming up.




I have always loved football since my childhood.  I have plenty of experience playing football for several different teams and formats for Great Britain Deaf team, Glasgow Deaf Athletic F.C., mainstream football and futsal teams.  I also have played at a semi-professional level in 11-a-side format.  I am a gold medallist footballer as part of Team GB at the Summer Deaflympics, in Melbourne, Australia in 2005.  I am a recipient of winning medals from British Deaf Football Cup, England Deaf Football Challenge Cup, England Deaf Football League, all in 11-a-side format.  I also won the British Deaf Futsal Cup.

I feel it is the right time in my football career to pass on my knowledge and experience to young deaf footballers. I also feel that being a part of the team, I am working with like minded managers with the passion to develop young talent. I want to instil the belief that young deaf footballers can achieve anything if they work hard enough. I want to work together as a team towards one goal and I have every confidence that they can do it. I have a strong belief that we can achieve everything.



I have developed football by helping my goalkeepers at Lanarkshire Hibs develop new skills by coaching them in training and help them put their skills in practice during a game.

I am currently in my second-year coaching Lanarkshire Hibs.

I am very excited to work with the U21s.  I am looking forward to learning new skills and helping them achieve great things.

I am hoping to try and get more girls involved in deaf football by trying to encourage them to participate in playing deaf football.



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(Technical Director)

Kevin played for several Deaf football clubs in Scotland since the age of 15.  He also played for the national team in both Football and Futsal, continuing in his early 40s!

A proud Glasgowian and a father to 3 deaf children, he strive for a better access in education for them.

He took part in the administration side of SDFA taking on various of roles for 24 years and still counting.  His wealth knowledge helped SDFA to re-shape its approach in terms of increasing participation across the country.


(TD Assistant)

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(Communication Officer)

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(Officials Officer)

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Adam has had numerous experiences in football so far since starting to indulge with it since the age of 16. His presence in the deaf community was delayed upon spending his childhood and growing up around a hearing family and the area very excluded from the city life. Having somewhat of a hard time fitting in with people in high school put him through a valuable lesson in life.

Whilst still being young at the age of 21, Adam represented numerous hearing and deaf teams in football alike – such as Manchester City Deaf, Carlisle City Deaf, and Sunderland Deaf. Currently plies his trade at Berwick Colts FC in the Borders.

Futsal brought him experiences in the form of Rovers Thistle and Edinburgh Deaf teams, where he was introduced further to our league set up.

Outside of football performance he has racked up a career in journalism, making use of his English and bilingualism thanks to his Polish roots. Also pursuing his dream in the form of football scouting and coaching for later on in his life, his love for football never dies. Being involved in a few writing jobs for football teams such as match programme production for Tweedmouth Rangers.

His hopes for the future is to become the best player he can be and inspire others along the way – you’re only lazy if you choose to be!