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To be eligible to participate our Domestic and International sanctioned competitions, D/deaf players require to have at least 55dB on better ear.

We follow the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf (ICSD) Audiogram Regulations which every player are required to complete (first part) electronically.

Every player are required to arrange for an audiogram testing.

UK Deaf Sport, the national governing body for Deaf Sport in the UK is our umbrella organisation will liaise with ICSD on our behalf and receive ICSD Number (every athlete will be allocated one, and it is for life).

For more information on the Audiogram Regulations and for itself, please visit UK Deaf Sport’s specific webpage here.

Please note: please send completed audiogram forms to us FIRST, so we can liaise with UKDS directly.


To be eligible to represent the national teams, players shall have: –

Failing those, there is a Home Nations Agreement 2009 (via FIFA), players shall have one of below: –

For further information on the Home Nations Agreement 2009 and its history, please visit this Wikipedia page.

If you are unsure about the process and/or whether you are eligible, please contact us.