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9 Volunteering Vacancies at Scottish Deaf F.A.!

Scottish Deaf Football Association is recruiting!

With a new strategic plan, the small organisation is looking for experienced sport administrators and role models to join and drive Scotland forward to increase participation, find and develop young D/deaf footballers across the country.

The organisation with your support will grow as an organisation.  Currently, we communicate using British Sign Language (BSL) mainly.  With the fast-changing world, the organisation needs to be flexible to include non-BSL users and more accessible in BSL and English, bilingually.

Board members

Timewise, for Board members, we would estimate about couple of hours a month, organising quarterly meetings with Team members, reporting back to the Board and attendance to all quarterly Board meetings & AGMs.  Those meetings and face to face interactions can be done via video conferences.

We are looking for the following roles (with main functions) to join our Board as follows: –


  • Main contact person for the SDFA
  • Liaise with Fundraising Officer to develop ideas and apply for funding
  • Arrange Board meetings
  • Liaise with the Archivist re. history of SDFA & D/deaf football

Member (Participation)

  • Oversee Domestic and International preparations
  • Oversee Officials developments
  • Develop and provide advices to young players playing in mainstream clubs



Timewise for Team members, we would estimate about couple of hours a month and quarterly meetings with a Board member with a portfolio responsibility.

We also are looking for the following roles (with functions) to join as Team members to work with our Board as follows: –


  • Explore funding for new ideas provided
  • Fundraising for International activities

Communication Officer

  • Oversee external communication on social media and mailouts


  • Oversee the historical element of SDFA & D/deaf football

TD Assistant

  • Oversee International preparations
  • Support Technical Director with Domestic preparations
  • Oversee Ladies Football

Officials Officer

  • Collate data on D/deaf coaches and referees
  • Identify gaps and provide support to D/deaf coaches and referees

National Futsal Manager

  • Lead Scotland’s national team
  • Liaise with Assistant TD re. logistics
  • Select and work with coaching volunteers during trainings & matches

If you feel you have the skills, experience or wish to be given opportunity to grow your skills, please apply!  There will be an interview process for each role.

We strongly welcome all applications from all walks of life, including D/deaf, disabled, hearing, both genders and from ethnic backgrounds.


How to apply?

Please send your CV (2-page max.) and a cover letter why you would like to be given the opportunity to Gordon Hay, President at [email protected]We can consider applications for multi-roles.